Professional Online and onsite pre-hospital emergency care Education

Our Instructors

All Learning Center teachers are EMS licensed trainers,Instructors and Vocational education qualified Instructors.. Many also have certifications or licenses for specific EMS fields i.e TacTrauma,Critical Care


The Learning Center provides one-on-one tutoring in all online EMS course access units. Through your online course,you have contact with your Instructor as well....

Test Preparation

  • Practice EMS Tests
  • State and International EMS Test Preparation
  • Registration examinations
  • Onsite Skills EMS assessments

° The AREMT RACFA program is based on the tactical medical protocol written and developed by us in cooperation with our Emergency Physician and is based on the CoTCCC protocols. 

° It is different from the TCCC course as it focusses on Law Enforcement and Private Services tactical needs and capabilities. Much as like the TECC but based on individual operator skills. 

° The course is more hands-on and provides a better operator level understanding and allows the operator to come out of the course with a full protocol in hand, both medically and tactically. 

° The course provides international certification through the AREMT Tacmed Faculty. 

In my opinion, this is something you would highly appreciate to get a better understanding of tactical medicine. 

 If you would like to participate it would be our pleasure of course to have you. Email for application for ITALY ENGLISH program in February 2018.


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